Penelope Terry Abbey Chapter

Enfield, CT
Enfield, Connecticut

Our Organizing Chapter Regent

The Daughters of the American Revolution was organized October 11, 1890. Our chapter was chartered on February 27, 1922.

Our Chapter History


888 Griffiths Way,
Mainland ML12345


888 Griffiths Way,
Mainland ML12345

Jessie Brainard Abbe

Organizing Chapter Members

Mrs. Alice B. Abbe
Mrs. Jesse B. Abbe
Miss Lydia M. Abbe
Miss Martha J. Alden
Mrs. Clara F. Allen
Mrs. Minnie A. W. Allen
Mrs. Emmagene Barnes
Mrs. Nettie L. Bissland
Miss Agnes M. Brainard
Mrs. Edith A. Brainard
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Burns
Mrs. Ida F. Bushnell
Mrs. Inez A. Bushnell
Miss Catherine P. Cope
Mrs. Martha Corbin
Mrs. Julia P. Fiske
Mrs. Della I. Frew
Mrs. Sarah A. Garside
Mrs. Lilla Davis Gowdy

Mrs. Hattie Hopkins

Mrs. Ella Davis Hunter
Miss Ella M. King
Miss Emma F. Lay
Mrs. Marjorie S. Leggett
Mrs. Delia E. Miller
Miss Margaret K. Miller
Miss Mary Louise Morrison
Miss Juliaette A. Parsons
Miss Martha A. Parsons
Miss Mary E. Parsons
Miss Mary F. Potter
Mrs. Edith M. Simonton
Miss Marion Storrs
Mrs. Mabel P. Thorton
Miss Bertha A. Wiesing
Miss Gertrude E. Wiesing
Mrs. Alice E. Woodworth